Waves of Dreamy Landscapes

Images of dreamy flowy muses is what I had in mind for this photoshoot. I met Tara on a hot day in mid-September near the newly renovated Trillium Park in Toronto. Tara told me a lot about her modelling experience and how she got into it. 

Vimeria and Tara Sculptural jewelry photoshoot

Tara is wearing the Flow Rings from the new Organic collection, styled with dresses from the beautiful collections of Whitney Linen.

Flowy dreamy photoshoot Tara and Vimeria Silver jewelry collaborate

I got to ask Tara about her experience as a model and she had nothing but positive things to say. Here is how the conversation went:

How did you get into modelling?

I shared some headshots with a family friend who happened to know the president of Sutherland Models. My family friend thought that I could succeed as a model and sent the shots to the president.  This was in the midst of covid so the agency had arranged a zoom meeting with the creative team, I met them online, and they signed me shortly after on the phone. This experience was surreal as I hadn’t even met the team in person and was immediately recognized and wanted which was an amazing feeling. 

Vimeria silver sculptural dreamy flowy photoshoot

What is it about modelling that you love the most?

I love the creative aspect, I have always loved fashion and art, and I consider modelling to be a beautiful way of expression. I also love photography and have been learning how to be behind the camera, after experiencing what its like to be in front of the camera. Modelling also is an incredible segway to various opportunities and experiences.

Vimeria silver sculptural dreamy flowy photoshoot

Vimeria silver sculptural jewelry dreamy flowy photoshoot by the water

Do you feel that the world of modelling is helping you with your professional path?

Absolutely, I have learned many things as a model that I know will help me with my professional path, wherever that may take me. As a model, it is inevitable that one will experience a significant amount of rejection, however, from that experience, you learn to stay determined and not to let external factors that are out of your control effect you or your happiness. In reality, the thing I’ve learned most is to embrace my differences, as beauty is defined by our differences.  

Vimeria dreamy flowy photoshoot by the water for silver sculptural jewelry

A closeup of the Bloom Necklace, which represents all the powerful things Tara had to say, the importance of believing in yourself and the bloom within.

Find Tara on Instagram, and through her Sutherland Models profile.

Vimeria silver sculptural artful jewelry photoshoot dreamy flowy by the water