Design Process


Vimeria is a contemporary jewelry brand rooted in a minimalist aesthetic. The designs exude a refined geometric fluidity, which evoke timelessness and modernity.

Each piece in the Vimeria collection is characterized by clean, structured, and streamlined forms that seek to communicate the simplicity of elegance, while at the same time possessing a subdued but distinctive character.



A theme of balance permeates the Vimeria brand. Influenced by the esthetics of a plethora of modernist illustrators, painters and sculptors, Vimeria designs announce their presence through impactful minimalism, expressed in the form of wearable adornments



Each piece in the collection begins its life as a sketch.

Vimeria creator and designer, Anna Laskin, believes the sketching process is the most important one, as this is where the seeds of creation are planted. It is the magic that happens when myriad of influences and experiences the designer has drawn upon form into tangible creations of beauty. “The biggest challenge as a jewelry designer”, Anna notes, “is to translate that idea into a wearable form and, most importantly, a form that will complement the wearer's essence”.



The next and crucial step in the design process is translating conceptual sketches into a 3D Computer-Aided Design application. “This is where we take care of all the details,” Anna says. “It’s where each and every aspect of the piece is accounted for. Each circumference is measured. Every dimension is defined.”

Even with realistic 3D computer representation, it is difficult to accurately determine how the jewelry will interact with the body, so 3D prototypes are printed to ensure sizing, wearability, and aesthetics are not compromised.




Once finalized, the design files are sent to a small team of skilled jewelers. The craftsmen work to solder, polish, and assemble each piece by hand, before sending it into the final 14k gold plating step.

“We take pride in the fine details and quality of execution of our jewelry,” says Anna. “We believe it is an important part of what makes our brand captivating.”