Deriving intentional living from nature

In a world over-saturated with stimulation, sitting in our thoughts allows us to redetermine what is most important to redefine the intricacies of the human experience through the scope of meaningful priorities in our lives. Vimeria’s Organic Collection, brimming with soft curves and waves, stands as a reminder to reconnect with nature’s organic forms, to stop and examine the world around us in all its grandeur, defining our place through a symbiotic relationship with the earth.

In the absence of stagnation, throughout life’s many phases, there comes a multifold loss and redefinition of the self. Yet the natural world, as a constant permeating the spaces around us, is a rare exception to this rule. Nature acts as a divine mirror, reflecting us precisely what we need, and particularly in the face of doubt or uncertainty, encourages us to let go and accept our circumstances as they come. Just like environmental ecosystems sustaining a perpetual balance, we may trust our synergetic relationship with nature to lead us down the pathways we are destined for. Rather than striving towards perfection, nature’s lifecycles present balance through perceived fallibility, which paradoxically makes for equilibrium. The purposeful asymmetry characteristic of Vimeria’s pieces finds itself in the Opul Ring, with two freshwater pearls nestled within the band’s silver arcs as if born there. Reframing endings as beginnings, the band caresses the finger as the waves once embraced its shelled birth. 

Silver Sculptural Bracelet Organic Jewelry
Silver sculptural Necklace Organic Jewelry

 The Organic Collection borrows from the natural world, its wildness, and harmony to create sculptural pieces that flow with the body's curves. In the Dulgen Bracelet, we find small chains linked together to form the shape that encircles the wrist. Like the ocean’s current pulling back and forth, the chain links fall into place, one behind the other, taking the shape of the limb they find themselves on. Free-flowing shapes take on a personality of their own, demanding the need to express themselves just like the multi-dimensionality of human beings, each dimension calling for its gateway of assertion.

French author Édouard Glissant said, “Nothing is true, everything is living,” believing that while expression is an innate quality of all living beings, detachment from learned beliefs and behaviours is necessary to uncover true meaning. Vimeria’s Organic collection strips away this excess to reveal sculptural jewelry forms found in nature. Taking the Bloom Necklace as the encapsulating example of this sentiment, the blooming flower reminds us that nature's cycles reflect endless beginnings that lie before us. It is the hope in bloom that emphasizes the need for a winter death and spring rebirth like life’s necessary ups and downs. While age brings forth a vast growth of knowledge, it also solidifies its lack thereof as all is ever-changing. The delicacy of the Petal Earrings reminds us to cherish the small moments amongst the chaos of our busy lives. Nothing is constant, as even the perennial flower, meant to withstand the winter, must lose its petals for the cold before resprouting in the spring. However, it is in this kind of unceasing change that we find growth.

Petal Drop Silver Sculptural Organic Earrings

Lost within the chaos and loudness of our modern age, nature is ever-balanced, never forced, and always nearby to inform our own perspectives. When we let go of presumptions and rigid beliefs, we allow the human body to live in congruence with nature, to mimic its intentionality in all that we do. Vimeria’s Organic collection stands the test of time by absorbing nature’s dependability in life’s peaks and valleys, reinventing the instances we label endings, simply as new beginnings blooming before us.


Words by Kasia Halawa. Photography by Anna Laskin