Taking back to the city

We may wonder, what happens to our souls when we are stripped of our natural environment, thrown into a world of concrete and glass, where we keep plants hostage in our apartments instead of living amongst them?

Taking back the city

In an urban world, where we are isolated from our most natural state, connection to others is often overlooked, but undoubtedly the most important tool for our survival. In order to feel like we are again a part of something bigger, something more than just wealth and consumption, we must turn to each other for inspiration and love.

Taking back the city

Though a city scape can seem soulless, expression of the human spirit can undoubtedly thrive in a concrete jungle. Just like the blood that courses through our bodies, community and art can do the same, feeding us with the nutrients we are craving in a sometimes-desolate concrete world. When we feel lost or alone, all we really need are other humans with their own unique stories, perspectives, gifts and expressions that will enhance our way of seeing the world around us.

Taking back the city

Taking back the cityWith its use of rich metals, bent and shaped to embody the unique curves and lines of natural beings, the Organic Collection is a manifestation of the human form and spirit living inside of an artificial world. The collection itself speaks to the ways in which the human spirit can find its natural place within a man-made environment, and that it is possible to celebrate both the organic and the synthetic through intrinsically connecting with the unique beings around us.Taking back the cityEach unique piece is designed in a way that captures the uniqueness and spontaneity of the natural, juxtaposing it against the structure and orderliness so present in the world we created for ourselves.

Words by Samantha Gareau

Modelling by Ania Fatyga

Styling by Justine Krupa

Photography by Anna Laskin