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The Making of

The Making of

The Organic Collection took shape in my mind as a way to turn the soft, fluid forms of mid-century sculpture and architecture into wearable works of art. Each piece is a manifestation of the elegant bends of organic shapes found both in nature and in modern art and meant to enhance the unique curves of the human body. 


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The Bloom necklace was the initial piece that began the Organic Collection, a flowing circular shape that represents the rebirth of Vimeria and its bloom into existence. The rest of the pieces in this collection use the same curvy and fluid lines to form designs that are meant to accentuate the wearer. 


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The beginning of the design process starts with sketching fluid shapes and letting inspiration flow from the abstract to the tangible. Favourable shapes are then reworked into three dimensional pieces that can be adorned on the body. 


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Mock ups of pieces are sculpted through hand worked clay and then digitally constructed through a CAD (computer aided design) program. 3D printing then brings these digital works to life, and from which moulds for lost-wax casting are made.


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At Vimeria, we source silver from a local refinery in order to reduce environmental impact and all of our pieces are cast in downtown Vancouver. Our artisans use the ‘lost wax’ method to create our pieces, in which a wax model is put into liquid plaster flask that is then heated up, causing the wax to drip out, leaving an imprint of the original piece behind. This plaster flask is then filled with liquid metal, which when hardened creates the silver final piece. These finished pieces are then individually refined and assembled in our studio before getting into your hands. 


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