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Established out of a passion to connect the sculptural forms found in home decor with jewelry, Vimeria is a season-less jewelry brand created by designer and jewelry maker Anna Laskin. Each piece of jewellery is meticulously designed and brought to life using contemporary jewelry making techniques, and handcrafted from recycled sterling silver by local Toronto artisans. Combining conceptual artistic elements, the designs are characterized by fluid, sensual organic form that are designed to accentuate the wearer. Continuously exploring visual and tactile forms of jewelry, each piece of Vimeria jewelry is mindfully designed to embody longevity and crafted with premium metal alloys that have a minimal impact on the environment. Vimeria is committed to a cradle-to-cradle operating model where all products are infinitely recyclable and packaging is made from FSC-certified paper. We consistently aim to reduce plastic use anywhere that's possible. 



Following a never-ending fascination with the visual arts, Anna found herself designing jewelry for Toronto’s leading jewelry brands. Being filled with ideas and conceptual sketches, she made the leap to start her own brand of jewelry. With a background in Industrial Design, all of Anna’s designs start their life as a digital render before making their way to being cast in precious metals and hand-polished to a shine. Ukrainian born and Israeli raised, Anna now lives and works in Toronto, Canada.

You can read about our design process in more detail on our journal.

Anna Laskin Designer Art Director in her studio